Are you spending too much time in front of the screen and burning your eyes? Do your eyes hurt and have watery eyes? Does your lens offer the same level or less protection? Time to switch to the blue cut lens and resolve your eye strain issues. The majority of us spend a lot of time in front of digital devices which emit blue light; the need for these is necessary. By the end of this article, you will not only know the importance of this lens but also why it's an absolute necessity in the current work-life situation.




In the earlier days, spectacles would be a need due to age-old complexities, which was an absolute need to overcome the discomfort of eyes. But as the times passed, things became more and more complicated with the boom of IT jobs which were sedentary and eye-straining as they required being in front of a computer for prolonged hours. Call that a lifestyle or work life hazard cannot be overseen or overruled as it might result in deeper optic repercussions.


What is Blue light?


Technically, a light source emits blue-colored light visible to the naked human eye. The blue light can be from natural resources such as the sun or man-made gizmos such as computer monitors, mobile phones, tablet or handheld devices, laptops, and other devices that use LED screens. Additionally, other sources of blue light include the CFL or other incandescent light sources. It is believed that blue light is important for regulating good sound sleep and wake-up cycles, temperament, and cognitive functions such as having a good and sharp memory.


How does blue light impact our vision?


The source of blue light we see from our eyes can be natural and artificial. The human eyes have the natural ability to control the amount of light they can manage depending upon the surroundings that it is exposed. Pretty similar to the auto-adjust feature that most cameras have and can be undoubtedly inspired by the human eye. We must strike a balance between the amount of light our retina can pass. Too much exposure to blue light can cause a retinal disease," macular degeneration," which becomes difficult with age. With the advancement in optical technology, one can opt for prescription glass that blocks blue light and curb further retinal damage.


Why is the need for blue light glasses or lenses?


1.)    Bluelight is ubiquitous:-  Artificial sources of light surround us in our daily lives, such as TV, laptops, computers, projection systems, mobile phones, CFL lamps, and so on; the natural source of a yellow sun is the prominent source of blue light as we are exposed to it, especially during the day times. Kids are more prone to eye damage from the solar rays as they spend a lot of time of their childhood playing outdoors.


2.)    Limitations of the human eye:- Though the cornea and lens of the human eye can act as barriers to UV rays, not all of it is blocked; ironically, almost all the blue light passes through the protective barrier, increasing the chances of retinal damage.


3.)    Macular degeneration:- As most of the blue light penetrates the cornea. Prolonged exposure and negligence in proper and timely examination of damaged light-sensitive cells in the retina can increase the chance of macular degeneration of the eye resulting in the partial or full loss of vision.


4.)    Post Cataract vulnerability:- This can be challenging and poses a threat if you are unaware of the IOL or Intra-Ocular Lenses being used post cataract surgery which replaces the natural cloudy lens. It's advisable to use glasses with a blue light filter, which would curb the damage from staring into sources of blue light, natural or artificial.


5.)    Artificial light strain:- Also known as digital light strain and is caused due to spending prolonged hours in front of devices that emit blue light, such as laptops, mobile phones, CFL lamps, and so on. However, considered less vulnerable and damaging as compared with the solar effect. Symptoms such as dry eyes, strained eyes, headaches, and eye fatigue are a direct cause of blue light exposure, and to reduce and curb the same, one must wear blue cut lenses.


Who needs protection from Blue Light?


1.)    IT Professionals:- As they spend most of their worktime for prolonged and stretched hours in front of the laptop and computers, they are more vulnerable and must immediately use blue cut glasses which filter the harmful blue rays emitted from such devices.

2.)    Gamers:- Due to continuous changes in the graphics and colors in the display, this can cause serious eye straining and headaches. To avoid such retinal discomfort, gamers must use blue-cut lenses to provide much-deserved comfort to their eyes.


3.)    Couch Potatoes:-Those love spending innumerable hours in front of the TV, laptop, computer system, or even handy-dandy mobile phone. Having their eyes glued can significantly alter their vision and cause eye fatigue. It is advisable to wear blue-cut lens spectacles to avoid further damage to the eye.


4.)    Online education students:-   With the inception of online classes as a new norm, students have to gaze at their screens of laptops, computers, and other handheld devices for hours to study, revise and appear in examinations. Apart from mental fatigue, an added eye strain or other optical issues will cause the dipping of their concentration on academics. To protect and keep an optimum vision level, they should use blue-cut lenses to protect their eyes from further blue light damage.


5.)    Motorists:- It is known that motorists, whether via car, bike, or other means of transport, travel during the morning or day towards their workplace. They should wear one should they face any optical issue after a checkup with an optician. The damage to the eyes from the sun is considered more vulnerable.


Where can I purchase blue-cut lenses?


Almost any leading optician in your locality or online consultation for a current issue with the eyes can wear blue-cut lenses immediately to curb any further detrimental repercussions. They come at a cost, but nothing is more valuable than your eyes which are priceless and timely consultation can save the misery of huge medical bills for an eye treatment or operation.